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If you play basketball, football or volleyball, it’s important that you learn how to jump higher because this increases your performance in the sport. If you feel you don’t jump as high as you should,The jump manual will help you how to jump higher with certain exercises.

The first thing you should do is stretch because this relaxes your muscles before the exercises and after this choose from a variety of exercises such as squats, crunches, calf raises, push-ups and toe exercises. To do a calf raise, you want to lift one of your feet in the air and put pressure on the calf of the raised foot. Hold the raised position in place for fifteen to twenty seconds.

To add variety to your exercise for higher jumps, go jogging in the park and if you see bleachers there, run up and down the bleachers for at least twenty minutes. Jog about five to ten miles in the park and take brisk jogs instead of long and slow ones.

If you live in a rural area near hills, learn how to jump higher by running up and down the hills near your home. Bring water with you so you can stay hydrated and start slow before you pick up the pace. If it’s summer time you want to wait until the early evening hours to run but if the area is isolated, try to run up the hills before dark.

Another idea is to do some weightlifting exercises with bar bells and dumbbells. Do squats and calf raises with the bar bells so you can build muscle and strength in your calves and legs. If you can’t afford a gym membership, purchase some inexpensive bar bells and dumbbells. If you’re short in stature, you shouldn’t get a very large bar bell.

In conclusion, it’s possible to jump high and be successful in the sport you’re playing with determination, effort and help from others. Once you’ve done these exercises for a few weeks, you’ll not only achieve a higher jump but your overall health will improve. You’ll have more energy for the day and your legs will grow stronger.

If you do not know which routines to do and when you should do it, you should consider purchasing a jump training system to help you. These systems act like your personal coach, as it gives you a detailed explanation on what routines you have to do, when you have to do it and also the duration for each routine. How to jump higher systems are widely available on jump manual. Before you decide on a system to purchase and use, always do some research to ensure that the system is effective and suitable for you.