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Benefit of Owning Pets

Sometimes peoples said, for having/owning pet is a burden. It needs high cost to owned one, they said. And many people think it can grow a disease. That’s not 100% true !. Yes, it needs extra cost but it is not high as they think. And once again yes it can grow disease, but it only happens if you can’t take care of your pets. For example, pets poop can grow disease for a human body, but you can avoid that with proper toilet training emotional support pet. Another example, dogs can be infected by rabies virus, which is dangerous for all mammals (included human) and causing dead. But once again it only happens if your dogs or pets aren’t vaccinated (YES it cost money) yet and always kept them free roaming outdoor.

Yes owning a pet cost money but worth it if you know all the benefit you had for having or owning a pet. The benefits come from psychological aspect, social aspect, to physical aspect. Emotional support animals (ESA) or sometimes called emotional support pets (ESP), it just one of many benefits of owning a pet. Emotional support pet is an animal companion that provides benefit for an individual which had disability problem. it provides emotional support through companionship to their disabled owners.